2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 & 2014 Guest Review Award

2017 Rolleston Residents’ Native Garden Award

2015 Responsible Business Award (Diamond)

2014 Travelbug Accommodation Award

AA Spirit of Hospitality Bed & Breakfast Award Finalist

Winter Garden

Despite adverse winter conditions and strong winds, we are still able to harvest walnuts, apples, quince and cherry tomatoes. Recently our main apple tree(holding three different grafted apples) was torn from the ground. Half the roots were exposed, but our visiting family members were able to lift the tree back into position. The earth was compacted onto the roots and after a week the tree still stands and the apples are developing further. The walnut trees let go of their fruits in the strong winds – no need to shake them this year. The quince were left too long on the trees: not all could be preserved because the flesh inside had turned a faint brown colour.